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Shala loves making things

all the little things I do..

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16 May 1971
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Hello! My name is Shala and I'm a bead/yarn/media/paper addict.
You can see a lot more of work and interests by following the link buttons below.
Shala's Printables Shala's Beads Shala's Coffee mini_food

I'm not good at bios, I live in Alaska, and have two kids and a husband I'm crazy in love with.
In this journal, you'll find, if you look around, recycled craft ideas, both ideas recycled from an earlier era, and stuff to do with things you'd usually throw away, crochet patterns, bead patterns, my shower experiments (I'm anti-commercial detergent based "soap"), recipes, craft video podcast reviews, and family stuff. Basically, it's the blog of a little semi-hippie, crafty housewife in Alaska. I'm also the host of the beadwork site at BellaOnline.com.
I usually friend back when I see that someone has added me.

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