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I have a marvelous man. You know that?
He got me stamps yesterday. I was EXHAUSTED. Far too tired to even consider going to the post office. I couldn't sleep,then when I was sleepy enough to sleep they (the infernal they who think the daystar is good) started cutting down trees. I think they started right behind my place.
They did not cut down the trees in my driveway. If they must cut down trees, why couldn't they do those?
He also got new lights for the kitchen. He broke the light over my stove.
These are the stamps he bought me. Two sheets. I was so excited when I woke up, and had to tell Emily she absolutely could not use them. She's got lots of pretty stamps.
After I woke up, I remember I had to go out for vinegar for my hair, and cream for my coffee. I forgot both. I realized it when we got home. But he got me the Piratelogy book (I've got the others) and ROSES. Just spur of the moment while we were shopping decided I needed roses, I was off getting some other things. Turns out he picks roses by scent, I've wondered for awhile because the colors vary so wildly from one time to the next. He knows the thing I love most about flowers is the scent while I'm sleeping, so he buys them for me based on that. How sweet is that? I put them in my ivy bowl which I did wind up keeping after all, but still haven't written the tutorial for.
Then we came home and watched an action film where things went boom and I was a very happy girl.
This morning, he delibrately said something to set me off on a rant. He was teasing me and said "You need to rant sometimes, or when something does set you off, everyone has to hear about it"
Gosh.. I'm crazy about him. Really.
So he's planning on taking some vacation time next week. Unfortunately, we will have to use part of it for medical stuff for me. Glaucoma tests. BAH. I missed the one I was supposed to do in June, so it's just going to be combined with my annual eye exam. I've got an awesome eye dr. though. He's sort of crabby, but he was willing to see my dad. A lot of them aren't because Dad's blind in one eye and has had cataracts, fear of lawsuits. This one.. not only was he willing to see him, but when he found out that I *made* him go in because he was using a 15 year old contact lense, and that he didn't have insurance, he went above and beyond to help him out with costs. Dad had an eye infection in his "good" eye, and he gave dad disposable contacts to use with reading glasses until his new contact came in (yeah.. dad's "good" eye is so bad that a disposable.. the strongest they had.. WITH reading glasses.. was good enough. Actually corrected it to better then that 15 yo contact) and gave dad samples of the incredibly expensive drops he needed to use to get rid of the infection. In my whole life, I remember 3 times my dad initiated a hug, one time was spur of the moment when I was 10. The next time was when my mom died. The last time, was that first appt. He realized how close he was to losing his vision if I hadn't made the appt for him and dragged him in. We also found out (since my appt was that same day) that I've got a pre-glaucoma condition. I've been in a few times since, and need to get the pressure checked again soon. Glaucoma runs in my family. Long day. But the dr cancelled another appt and just went back and forth between dad and I that time doing tests, then the same thing when we went back in to see how dad's infection was and how his new contact fit/worked for him.
So if you live in the Anchorage area, and want a good eye dr, I'd totally recommend mine.
Plus a couple other appts for the rest of the stuff. Let them know how the tens unit is doing for me and all that.

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