shala_beads (shala_beads) wrote,


1) Don't go out shopping with Kim before you've eaten or drank coffee
2) Cafe Del Mundo by Fred Meyers (The lower Hillside location) makes their espresso entirely too weak. Yech. Neither of us could drink our coffee
3)I can hit JoAnns and Burlington and come out with 3 bags total in the time it takes her to find one dress. Plan accordingly
4)For some reason, pigtails or braids, a light colored shirt, and my Chucks will ALWAYS garner a "Gosh, you look so you cute" from Kim. There is something vaguely disturbing about being told I look cute by someone who comes up to my chin.

And actually my hair is one braid down my back.

So my local JoAnns had clothes pins for 50¢ a pack, so I've got to pick up more magnets, and find the ones I have, but the kids are going to paint/decorate them and Gorilla glue the magnets to the back to make magnets. Emily picked herself out some open stock paper, she doesn't scrapbook, but cool paper for 25¢ a sheet always get used for something. They also had some blank picture frames clearance priced for 50¢ each so I grabbed a couple for the kids to decorate for Dad.
At the clothing store, we got jammies and a couple skirts for Emily. She was unenthused. She's got a new book and wanted to be reading that. Kim wandered off while I was checking out at JoAnns, so I wandered through the store saying "Kids! Emily, Kimberly, it's time to go!"
Kim was very unamused. *grins* But it serves her right. EMILY is 2 inches taller then her. And she called me cute.

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