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You've just got to say "WTF??"
This is a Fendi bag from a while back. Check out that price tag people.
And ya' know.. I like the pink. Really. But somehow that cute little bag takes itself entirely too seriously.

So I'm making a variation of it. It will not have a leather handle. It could. Since The Beadwidower is a leather guy, but I won't bother him with the details of this project. I told him about it. He about choked at the thought of someone spending nearly 1000 dollars on a purse. (of course, he wants to build an electric motorcycle. And we live in Alaska. I think I'd use say.. a pair of Manolos more then he'll use that electric motorcycle, but maybe not.)

My version will be unabashedly cute. It will cause the nice lady at the supermarket who wants to meet me for an afternoon of crocheting jealous. It will be so adorable people will wonder what a 35 year old woman is doing carrying such a cute purse.

And the great part is? I'm taking notes, so every one of you who crochets can have an entirely too cute not quite designer bag, but if you take off what I'm adding and use a little creativity and a leather handle.. and upsize my pattern a bit.. you can have a designer imitation bag.
Because if it's got ruffles, it has to have a flower to go with the cute little bow.

(actually, I'm making the pattern up by request, but I'm still posting it here. So I need to go finish it, I've got the body done.)

The blue are my feet, the lavender are Emily's. Aren't they WONDERFUL????


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