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Happy Mail Day

I got my new slippers!!! They are blue and have pompoms and they are soo soft and warm and wonderful and on my feet right this minute! I should take a picture shouldn't I? They are a lot like the ones that friend of my grandma's made except he knitted in the round and these have soles. And did I mention how soft they are?
The pair Sheeri sent me will be perfect for those really cold days when my feet get entirely too cold because they are a tighter knit and ankle high, this pair is perfect for fall and the rest of the time. (Sheeri's pair is almost too warm, but still very awesome) and my feet are warm!
*grins* You have saved my husband the ultra cold feet being pressed against him while he sleeps, so I'm sure he's very grateful too.
*wiggles toes* I feel like dancing. Because I've got adorable little booties to do it in.
As most of you know, 90% of my mail goes to my dad's house, since I really don't trust the kids in our neighborhood and my open mailbox. So when I get my mail, I get it all at once.
So I got books to review, GREAT books. Oh my gosh they are so great. I'll let you all know exactly how get soon.
We got an envelope for a Disney movie club, we probably won't join, we aren't movie club people, but that means LOTS of tiny colored pictures of Disney movie covers for crafting AND there were stickers in the envelope. Disney stickers make crafty 11 yos very happy. Esp. when they are free.
My Popular Science came in, which means an hour of laying down time I won't be fretting and whining about having to lie down. I think Dad was dropping hints about a second subscription sent here because it had a buy one get one free renewal deal on it (I've got a 3 yr that's only 6 months old). I know what it is, he HATES turning them over. He's got stacks of old ones from the last time we had seperate subscriptions, but really, he could read them then give them to me, the problem is, there are ALWAYS things he wants the 15 yo to read and discuss with him, and he doesn't want to keep them that long. So I'll read it. Mike will read it, then I'll give it back to him. I think I'm glad he hasn't figured out how good Seed Magazine is or I'd never get my copies of that! I got my sub to Seed off eBay for a couple dollars for 2 years, if you can find it at a low price on there still, I really recommend it, it's like Scientific American for the rest of us, well written, entertaining, and a lot of the articles are about how technology impacts economy and politics.
OH YEAH! I posted some patterns to BellaOnline. Bead like a Pirate! YARRRR!

Books, science, slippers. Heart, head and sole.
I'm soo happy!!! and spoilt. Quite spoilt. I know.
EDIT!! Oh! Happier then I thought! I got so enthused about my slippers, I didn't check the rest of the package, and I was picking things up, sorting into "I'll use that for" and "okay.. this is garbage" and the envelope was a bit heavy.. there was a SECOND pair in there!!! I had done this little bouncy dance in front of E and said "Aren't you jealous? I've got new slippers!" and she said "No." but then I pulled out the other pair which were PURPLE and her eyes LIT up. So she's a doubly.. triply happy girl too. One of her cooking mags came as well so she's sitting with warm feet and reading recipes!
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