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Sunday afternoon

Which means that Mike is watching PBS, he loves the cooking shows on PBS on Sundays.
I have a whole bunch of simple ideas to do with shrink plastic as I was going to bed last night, and didn't write them down because after all, simple ideas are just that, simple. So I figured I'd remember them. I don't of course.
One of them was a book, because spiral bound books are incredibly easy to make with shrink plastic, but so would a tiny coptic bound book ,I think, if you can coptic bind. What a neat way to do the cover! I have a basic tutorial for coptic binding on my website.
here's another tutorial in case mine is too difficult.
People learn differently. I'd make the covers then cut the paper to fit since you can't be sure how much it would shrink.
I like coptic binding. It makes a book that will lay open flat.
A lot, if not all the ideas I had last night were ideas other people have had too. I guess if I look at enough shrink art pages I'll remember what I had in mind.
Ahh.. remember another one too. ATC necklaces. I mean.. if you're an atc person anyway, you could draw one, then shrink it down, it will be less then half the size of an atc and the colors will intensify, you could use neat fibers and braiding/stringing techniques to hang it.
Poetry jewelry. You know those tags people wear with words, make your own set, your own colors to string on a necklace.
A plate for my son's dice bag, just a piece with holes on both sides to stitch it on, the fact I can draw anything I want on it means I could make him one with his name and a sword or something like that. (still need to write up the pattern for his ocarina bag)
Emily has a few things ready to go in the oven now. I have no idea where my heat thingy is for rubber stamping, since I don't stamp. I got it because Bex sent me gorgeous stamps and inks a few years ago and I had great fun playing with them, but for some reason, Mike gets flinchy everytime I say "I'd like to try..."
So I need to organise my thoughts properly.
I also need to start my own projects so I can get them in the oven too.
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