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enter your knot pun here

Yesterday I picked up Knit1 and Interweave Crochet. The knit one has a basic amigurumi body in it. Very much like the bodies I make. Interweave crochet of course is all full of awesome ideas. I sort of love Interweave's books and magazines. I buy their handweaving mag and I don't weave much. I also got some cord.

Now there is one lady who works at the supermarket I go to who has been wanting me to teach her to crochet for a while, and she saw the crochet mags, and the cord, and asked what the cord was for, I said "For practicing knots in" and she said "You really are crafty aren't you?"

Well.. maybe a bit.

So I practiced a simple 3 lead turk's head, and a monkey fist which I've never been able to tighten properly.

The turk's head, as a bracelet. See my ugly splice? I can't splice worth a darn. Too impatient by half. It looks like a braid, but it is a knot.

Monkey fist.

I got 2 kinds of cording, that cotton, and some bright pink polyester which I'll use to make E a bracelet later. I forgot to get balloons. I'm so annoyed with myself. E and I are going to make Halloween trick or treat buckets this week, paper mache. You'd figure I'd have balloons because they are so handy for all sorts of crafts, but actually E uses them to make things, uses the latex like a fabric.
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