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Awfully Productive Morning

Awful because I'm paying for it now and I only woke up 3 hours ago.
I posted the chicken pattern.
I sent emails to people I needed to.
I did the dishes.
I sent my newsletter. I didn't personalize it as usual because by that point I was fading.
Last night I finished that crochet thing I was playing with. The main reason I was making it was to work out the layout of the sequins, and I got close to done and realized I hadn't the faintest idea what it was going to be. It's a pouch. Probably for necessities. The sort I don't need anymore.

The sequins are 96¢ a package at Wal-Mart, and there is a bit less then half a package making this up. The thread is size 10 crochet. The sequin sc are yo, pull through, push up sequin (they need to be pre-strung), yarn over, finish stitch.
So to make your own sequiny thing, for flat crochet you'd start with a base of a multiple of 4 +1, for something worked in the round like this is, it's a multiple of 4. Sequin, work next 3 stitches plain, sequin and on through the row, next 3 rows work plain, and the next row put sequins in the middle of the 3 stitches between the sequins on the previous row.

Other then that, remember those masu boxes I said I folded nested sets of?

This is a set I folded yesterday when I was too sleepy to think of anything else to do.

Like I said, being nested, the boxes can make lids for each other.

The green sheet in that picture is the size I folded them out of. I think there are specialty papers made for them in different sizes to fold nested sets from, but for me, the challenge is making them fit well out of one size of paper.

Ahh... exciting isn't it? Mike and I have been watching SG-1 together which went too slow for me when it was on tv. We just started season 2.
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