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I want one thing completely clear..

I hate iTunes. I have to use it, and I do use it. But I dislike it intensely. It's a system hog and it's annoying and I love my iPod so I guess I'm just going to whine like one of our neighborhood brats when Mike tells them "kicking burning shoes around for fun is moronic, and if your parents won't do anything about, I'll tell the park management and see what they say"
(this actually did come up this weekend. Xia, I like you. So please don't ever take the things I have to say about teenagers personally. Realize it's the teens in this neighborhood. Not you. Not my children. Just these wanna be bad IDIOTS.) How does pouring gasoline over a shoe and kicking it around become fun anyway???

Anyway.. I also like some podcasts. See, I have a video iPod, and Family Fun magazine has a podcast. As I've mentioned before, Family Fun has been E's favorite magazine since she was 6. 5 years of Family Fun. It's got crafts, it's got recipes. The podcast is a video podcast with crafts and recipes. I can pop a few episodes on my iPod, and have something for her to do when we are taking long car trips or just out paying bills. I'm downloading a cooking cast for her now as well. She's crazy for recipes. She buys herself cookbooks with her allowance. I have over a 100 cookbooks, but she still thinks she needs other ones.

I keep thinking about doing a podcast, because you know, it's not like I've got enough to do and deadlines I'm not even vaguely meeting as is. I did a little inventory in my head.. I've got 5 or 6 Cilye comics scripted out I need to draw, I've got 3 or 4 kiss dolls being made (not kiss the band. Kind of like paperdolls for the computer), plus the beadwork, plus the shawl, Mike's scarf, a shawl for myself, a skully purse.. and I've got an idea for another crocheted purse which will probably wind up being a cell phone pouch or something using some heart shaped sequins I bought a few weeks ago, 3 books I have to review still, and a couple projects I need to get posted and at some point I have to update the printables part of my webpage.
So a podcast is an incredibly bad idea.
But still so very tempting. I know my server used to not allow mp3 files, but if they still don't, there is a possibility I could convince one of my friends who has a server that will to host them.
I think the frusterating thing is that I feel like there should be really good beading or crocheting casts, and since I can't find any that are what I'm looking for, I'm thinking I should do one. This is how my webpage exploded. I KNOW better.

I am thinking though seriously of doing a designing e-course with the goddess pattern. Make a couple extra dollars possibly. We shall see.
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