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A Wednesday in the Life (with links)

In the morning, after watching the morning news (it switches between me staying awake all night and me waking up that early), we listen to a bit of The Bob and Mark Show, if you are really bored between 7-11 am PST, you can stream it at KWHL's website, they do some incredibly funny bits on it. Like when they had Tony Knowles singing Don't You Want Me as if he were Frank Murkowski.
Mike heads off to work at the Sheraton, and I start my day.
Lots of little stuff, basic life stuff here, plus my crafting/art time.
Then we go to Bosco's for our comic book fix, and during that trip out, if I need more perfume I go to Laura's for my cologne. They rock so much, they mix it for me right there in a base that has glycerine so it stays on for hours. My signature rose scent is 2 parts tea rose to one part rose if you were wondering. The one part rose tames the overwhelming sweetness of the tea rose without being as heavy as a full rose fragrance is. Not that it's my only custom mixed scent, but the rest are secret. It's also very inexpensive. If I'm feeling a bit down, I grab a grab bag from Mermaid Imports because they are 10 dollars each and have jewelry and incense and other various things in them. How can that possibly be sad? Except I've got a positive talent for winding up with the ones with the black and white scarves in them, but even then I've found a home for those scarves.
Today though, because of Labor Day, comics weren't out, so we left the mall, and went to the grocery store. Skipping that link. You all know what a grocery store looks like. This one used to be locally owned, but now it's owned by Safeway. We don't go there often, just every once in a while, but the thing is, the reduced for quick sale stuff is always such great deals, I can always find something I'd have not normally thought of.
We got salads at the salad bar, stopped for smokes for me on the way home, and now we are home, getting ready to play a game with E. Afterwards I'm going to finish my necklace.
Not exciting, but I had a nice day. :)

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