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and in other news..

I went to The Body Shop, and bought some body butter. I think I've mentioned before how much I love their body butter in particular for my skin? I also got some scrub and became a card carrying body shop shopper. The membership there is 10.00, and you get 10 dollars in your birthday month to spend, plus a 10% discount, and points that get you more free stuff.
That day they were giving members this "Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz", usually a 14 dollar product. I sprayed my face with it. My face was not energized. It was wet. Now it is dry from spraying something that had citric acid on it. It smells nice though, it's got citronella and grapefruit extract in it, and I *think* orange extract as well so it's all citrusy.
I sprayed it on Wms and Em's faces too, Wm said he felt wet, Em said she felt energized.
It's odd, when I was younger, my skin was so oily that using oil based scrubs was just a silly thing, but anymore, I tend to be a bit dryer. I know on my face part of that is switching to natural soaps exclusively, the detergent and harshness of commercial soaps can aggravate oily skin, making your skin produce more oil to protect itself.
I found one of my old soap and toiletries books and it has a ton of ideas for natural deodorants . A few of them make a lot of sense to me, I'm going to have to try them.

Emily made herself a new purse, I'll get a picture of it later, it's incredibly nifty. I love the idea of it and told her I was going to use it.

Using Lion Brand Homespun yarn or something comparable (I like Homespun, it goes on sale frequently and it's thick and works up fast), 5-8 skeins. Whatever.. it's not a hard and fast pattern. You figure out how big you want it.
Size N hook. Yep. It's FAST.

Chain about 6 inches shy of how wide you want it to be loosely. (odd number of stitches)
Sc in every stitch and keep sc each row until it's about 6 inches shy of how long you want it to be. (hey.. I said this wasn't really a pattern)(odd number of rows)

Chain 1, sc in stitch, chain 3, skip a stitch, sc in next stitch, continue until you reach the corner, chain 3, sc in side of stitch to go around the corner, work like that all the way until the last ch 3 loop, instead of chain 3 on that last corner loop, chain 1, double crochet in first sc of round. Hey! Lookie there. You are right on top of that corner loop! ch1, sc in loop, chain 3, sc in next loop. all the way around again, end it the same way as previous round.
Ch 1, sc in loop, chain 5 for corner, sc in next loop, chain 3, sc in next loop, et cetra, chain 5s at corners, chain 3 everywhere else, at the last corner, chain 5, slipstitch to join to first sc.
chain 1, sc in all stitches around, slipstitch to join to the first sc.
chain 1, sc in all stitches around except at the corners, do 3 scs in those stitches, slip stitch to join.
Maybe one more round. I usually work until I'm out of yarn.
It's a very plain, very solid afghan, but the chains add a touch of interest and decoration, and the rest is solid enough Mike's toes don't poke through which is why I started using that design instead of something else for afghans. It works up so fast. I finished Mike's a couple years ago after promising him one for years, then Em decided she needed one, and there was this nifty color called Disco they have since discontinued I used for hers. I like these, since they don't take any thought to make and work up so fast.

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