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Comic book happiness..

From my post on Craftster when I made it..
"Super easy to make.

Measure your wrist, add an inch for the overlap where the velcro dots are, then add two inches, cut a piece of duct tape that long. Fold over one inch on both ends. Cut a picture from a comic book or magazine or print out something nifty to fit, and put it on the sticky side between the folded over ends.
Put clear packing tape or clear duct tape over that.

Use two sets of Velco sticky dots, and the rough side to the soft side so you have them in matched pairs. Peel of the backing from the rough side and position them on the upside (graphic side) of your bracelet, then pull the backing off the soft side, and wrap the bracelet around to place them on the other side. (perfectly placed to match up now!)

Okay.. very easy. But I'm going to go through my messed up comics and make more. The picture on this one was from the 25¢ promo copy of Red Sonja. I bought a few of them to cut up for stuff.

There's a technique people use sometimes for ATC backgrounds, they cut a window out of a piece of cardstock the size of the ATC and position it around until they find the section they want and then use a craft knife to cut it out, so once you know the measurement for center piece you can make a template to cut out your pictures."

So yeah.. easiest thing in the world. Anyway.. to get to the point (you knew there was one somewhere in this right?)
There is a promo issue of the Battlestar Galactica comic out. It's a quarter and has a *great* panel for bracelets.
Cylony goodness
Isn't that great?? So I'm going to have a cylon bracelet too. Happiness is 25¢ comics.
Tags: duct tape, ducttape, friendship bracelets, paper arts
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