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sock edging..

Very easy and reasonably fast. I used a size steel hook and size 10 cotton, I went around the edge with sc, 3 ch, sc piercing into the sock with the hook, (the socks are cheap WalMart socks) spacing them about every 2 ribs apart, then at last chain 3 loop, I chained one, and double crocheted into the first single crochet which sets up the next stitch without all that annoying slipstitching. Repeat row one. sc in loop, 3 ch, sc in next loop, repeat around.
Next row (row 3 if you counting) sc, ch 5, sc in next loop, repeat around, when you get to the end of this row, 2 ch, then dc in first sc.
Repeat, but at the end of the row, chain 5, join to first sc. sc in sc, 7 sc in loop, sc in next sc, repeat around.
Almost instant adorable socks. Well.. not really, it took me about 2-3 hours tv time to do this pair, but a childs pair would go a lot quicker. Unless it's my child. She wears the same size socks I do and steals mine when she can't find hers. Which is why I have cheap walmart socks. I'm not sure I can find the scanned pair I did for her awhile back, but I used fuzzy yarn around the edging. First I used size 10 cotton and a small hook to make the loops, then I went into all those loops with eyelash yarn and a bigger hook. She loves them. If you crochet at all, or know anyone who does, wouldn't they be cute in team colors for the hockey season? (but I'm not referring to anyone in particular. Honest)
Oh, the blanket in the background? That's one of them I made for Mike. It's two layers of fleece handstitched with a blanket edging. He loves it. It's heavy, warm, soft, and just his size (HUGE) I make his blankets as a tv project.
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