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Since all I got accomplished today..

Was half a slipper I wasn't happy with so I pulled it all out, I'm going to show you Emily art.
Because I know you're all just dying to see it.

I'm sorry to say I don't have any of this dated.

Neopets art. We all need Neopets art right? This has been hanging on my front door for a while.

By Sea or By Air this Barbie will take you there..

We have more then our fair share of art programs on this computer. A Disney one, a few commercial ones.

This was done in Tux Paint which is very simply designed for small children but has enough tools to keep her interested. And it's freeware. You simply can't complain about a free kids graphics program that actually has enough in it to keep a 10 year old using it. Especially a 10 year old who also has access to Gimp, Pixia and Paint Shop Pro on the same computer. I have no idea when she drew this. I just opened her saved files and this was the only thing in it. Kind of annoying, she said "I deleted the rest to make room for other things." I said "Don't DO that. I can always screencap and save your pictures to my harddrive so we have them."

And as long as I'm bragging about my gorgeous intelligent wonderful child..
We were talking about creationism vs. evolution today. She believes utterly in evolution, and I wanted to explain to her that both had holes and to keep an open mind. Which got into religion. See, we aren't giving either of the kids a whole lot of religious background and what we are giving them is couched as "We believe.. .. you'll have to make up your own mind"
William's been interested lately, so I gave him a study list. Poor kid. He's sort of overwhelmed but he's tackling it like he does his schoolwork, methodically, working through basic philosophy and spiritualism and the psychology of religion then working up to religion.
I told her that her daddy was a Christian, but in his own way and with his own faith. She asked what I was, and I said "Honey, that's complicated, there are bits and pieces I believe of a lot of things, and they've had years to form a coherent whole that works for me, but it's not something organised or labelled." and she said "So you're kind of a human Rubik's cube?"
Got it in one. I adore my children.
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