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Well, if you found this, it's because you're a friend, because I haven't linked this into my webpage yet. This is my craft journal. Eventually, and I'm telling myself later this week, I'll put a link to this journal on my webpage.

We can all dream right?

So this is for me to bounce ideas around, show you all what I'm making, and offer the type of stuff I don't do on my webpage up for public consumption.

Starting with a simple crocheted washcloth I made years ago and just spotted a HUGE flaw in my pattern. So I need to try and fix it.

Quick and Easy Wash Cloth

Using a nice cotton worsted weight yarn sugar'n'cream or some such, and a size g hook, this makes a wash/dish
cloth about 7 inches in diameter.

Ch 6, slip stitch to join into ring
rnd 1: ch 1, work 12 sc in ring, slip stitch to join
rnd 2:ch 4,(counts as first dc and ch 1) work dc, ch 1 in all sc around,
slip stitch to join (12 ch 1 spaces)
rnd 3: slip stitch into ch 1 space, ch4,sc in next sp, *ch 3, sc in next
sp*, repeat * 9 times, ch 1, dc in first ch of start of round (12 lps)
rnd 4: ch 1, sc in same space,* ch 5, sc in next space* repeat *
9 times ch 2, tr in sc at start at round (12 lps)
rnd 5: Repeat rnd 4
rnd 6: ch 1, sc in same space, *11 dc in next space, sc in next space*
repeat * 5 times, 11 dc in next space, slip stitch to first sc. (6 petals)
rnd 7: slip st to first dc chain 4 (counts as first dc and ch 1 space)
*dc in next stitch,ch 1*,repeat **9 times ,dc in next stitch, sk sc, dc in next dc,repeat pattern around,
slip stitch to join rnd
rnd 8:ch 1, *sc in next 6 stitches,chain 4,sc in same stitch(making the picot), sc in next 5 stitches* repeat ** around, Slip stitch to join rnd.

For a coffee coaster, stop after round 6

Well, that's the start. I'm going to try and update this fairly regularly with things as I'm making them.
Tags: crochet, dishcloth, patterns

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