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Let's see

It's been over a month since my last update. Darn you Facebook! Eating up my time and thoughts!
Well, that just being awfully busy and the other blog.
This weekend was really exciting. Almost too exciting. Poor Michael. He hates being around people so much. Every so often he suggests going out clubbing, I think I'd rather be clubbed than expose him to large crowds.
Friday, well, we all know about Japan. One of the things that happened is that a bunch of Pacific flights were diverted to Alaska. So Michael and Dad were both very busy at their jobs. Dad works at the airport and Michael's hotel is very close to the airport. Thursday night, Coolio did a concert here, and he was staying at Michael's hotel as well. Even though they were so busy, M did ask Coolio to sign my copy of Cookin' With Coolio. I wrote more about that here.
That night, Marian Call did a concert at Bosco's. Full of awesome. I picked up a code to download her album Got to Fly that I'm giving away on my other blog. See how to win here. Please enter. So far there is only one entry so your chances are really good, and it's a kick ass album. The concert was a lot of fun. But after M's day at the job, it was a lot of people and socializing.
The next day was the Empty Bowl Project, Empty Bowl is a fund-raiser for our local soup kitchen. Artists from around the state make and donate handmade bowls, you buy a ticket, and for that ticket, you get to choose a bowl, and eat all the soup and cornbread you can. The soup recipes are from local restaurants. So you know this is 3 things our family loves. A good cause, art and food. William picked a HUGE bowl with a fish design, M and I picked bowls based on color and stackability. Realizing they would have to fit in our cupboards. The Turnip Girl picked based on style and color, or if you haven't been following along at home, whichever blue was closest to TARDIS blue. The line was long. Hundreds of people in front of us (we got there a half hour early) and hundred of people behind us. When we finally got in, M's nerves were fairly frazzled from standing in line for so long with all those people. But we enjoyed our soup and picking our bowls. The kids loved it.
After that we went home, M was fairly cranky but offered to take me to the movies anyway. I gaped at him and told him I'd rather give up coffee than go out with him again that weekend. "You've dealt with enough people. But I do really appreciate your willingness." He replied he wasn't that cranky. I said "You know, right up until some teens start talking behind you, or someone is texting, or someone kicks my chair. Then it will get bloody, messy and I'll have to bail you out." He laughed and said "You're probably right."
So we spent the weekend at home, and I made dinner based on what was in the freezer.
I think he's planning to grill tonight. Because he's been wanting to, even though it's about 6 degrees. Every day when he drives to work he sees his precious grill under it's cover, and he's not waiting for spring!
It's been very busy. But very wonderful.
Tags: alaska, anchorage, good cause, music, pottery
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