shala_beads (shala_beads) wrote,

Still not done

Still not done shopping. Almost done. So very close to done, but not there yet.
Last week was pretty insane. Michael wound up working a bunch of night shifts for various reasons. End result for both of us was being short on sleep. But we were also able to get a bunch of things done during the day, including getting him a few boxes of K-cups for that coffee maker (he fears the dark matter the rest of us call coffee). We also took the teens to the thrift store, eldest teen found a clock he wants to decorate into a steampunk sort of thing, youngest found a brown overcoat which looks nicely doctor-ish.
Me? I got what I considered a huge score. A whole bunch of 60s and 70s craft books. Quilting, stitching, etc, and a towel holder kit to make a macrame frog towel holder. Including the eyes!
Today he's back to his normal schedule.
Almost all the shopping is done, the knitting, not yet.
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