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Okay, the last month? Has been outrageously busy. I think it's about time to slow down now.
Writing lots of reviews, getting caught up in books, and Halloween of course. The Turnip made her costume out of mostly thrifted things.

The fez and bow tie were both made by her, she took apart a clip on bow tie to make that one. The screwdriver is purchased, and the psychic paper came from one of her other screwdrivers. The jacket and shirt are from a thrift store, and she added the elbow patches. Yes, she got her hair cut specifically for the costume.

Halloween is over. Now I have a nice break until the frantic rush for Christmas.

Current projects:
11th Doctor bracelet patterns
Paper octagon wallet with a pretty, swirly pattern
Year at a Glance 2011 calendar
Crochet- makeup remover pads and granny square bag pattern
Cotton Scrubbie- hyperbolic plane based
Metal stamping- washer necklace instructions!
Dreamer bracelet patterns
Tassel necklace instructions

Various Halloween stuff- now that Halloween is over.Whoops.
Witch box
Printable witch hat
Halloween bead patterns
Halloween boxes from photos I took.

Other than that, well, lots of reviews. Books and other things. I'm still working on the review for the Juiceman juicer, but so far, I'm loving it. I need to get some oranges and try the citrus juicer attachment.
Tags: beading, beads, crochet, doctor who, halloween, john lennon, paper crafts, printables

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