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The Ball and Mom's Birthday

The Mayor's Ball and other such things are still pretty high on my "I'd prefer not to" list. I did it. I got dressed up, put on make up, smiled at people and made small talk. I stayed until my back hurt too badly to stay any longer and missed dessert. I was looking forward to dessert, the meal itself was boring.
Everyone was sparkling and beautiful. Glitter, diamonds and fur every where. Being John Lennon's birthday, on our way there we listened to John Lennon. The juxtaposition between the people on the street corners just wanting a meal or a drink and the shining people at the top of the convention center was even more jarring set to the Lennon soundtrack in my head.
I wish I could have had more fun. Mom would have. She had loved getting dressed up for a fancy evening out. All I could think of is that I could have been home with Mike, talking to him, watching PBS and crocheting. Or we could have been at a bookstore with him insisting I have all the books already and finding things that look interesting.
Mike and I came home from it determined to do more that really matters for the causes we believe in, and equally determined to try to avoid any such event again.

Mom's birthday on the other hand, was lovely. We did our usual. We went to the thrift store first. Mike looked at cats while The Turnip and I looked around and we waited to meet Dad and William there.
Someone had been in earlier and bought every single craft book they had, but I did find some nice vintage cook pamphlets including a great one on cooking with honey. I also found a mechanical egg beater that didn't turn properly. It looked like an easy fix and it only cost a dollar so I got it. The Turnip found a few pairs of pants, and when William got there he found some books. The young man takes after me. The first place he heads to in any thrift store is the book section.
After that, we went to the Mexican place that's in the same spot the restaurant we last took mom to was. We all ordered, and even dad ate well. The conversation flowed smoothly and I only wept once.

I have a Juiceman. I'm super excited to try it out as soon as Mike gets it from Dad's house. It's the very newest one. I got it mostly for Mike who has been wanting a juicer for a while now, but I'm looking forward to trying the pulp in some of my bread recipes.
Crocheted a bracelet for The Turnip, the pattern is here. Have a tawashi in progress.
The magpies are making a lot of noise outside.
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