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The last few weeks

So the sun finally came back out. After a MONTH of rain. It broke records for Anchorage. Every. Single. Day. for 31 days. With my arthritis I got more than a bit emotional and neurotic.
At one point, becoming pretty sure that it was karma.
My family helped me a lot through it, and I went ahead and asked my doctor about handicapped parking. I never wanted to, never wanted to admit this is the rest of my life and it's not going away. But..well.. there it is.
There were bright and wonderful moments. One very rainy day, Mike had to spend the night at the hotel. So the Turnip and I went downtown to spend the night with him. There was a renewable energy fair downtown that day, so we went to that, and she and I also went to the spa to get our brows waxed. On our way back to the hotel we stopped and picked Mike up some rum cordials from the tea shop. Really, if one has to work on the weekend, rum cordials do help.
I updated my sites and wrote lots of reviews. I also got the new Street Sweeper Social Club EP. Which I LOVE btw. It's even autographed! Yay for autographed cds by bands/singers I love.
Mike got a call out of the blue from one of the hotels he dropped his resume off at while he was job hunting a few months ago. They wanted an interview. He set one up, then wound up blowing it off. They called him again. So he went in and interviewed. Then a second interview. Then they told him they had to post the job in house, but to be waiting for a call fairly soon after that. Fairly soon after that wound up being a matter of days rather than weeks. Final outcome? He's switching jobs. The opportunity was far too good for him to pass up. We are all very happy.
I got into the top 500 on Amazon reviewer ranks, which admittedly means more to me than it does to anyone else except maybe the person I pushed out.
So.. lots of good. Maybe I was wrong about karma punishing me.
Today was just wonderful. Mike came home early and time with my sweetie is always wonderful. He took me out for a nice romantic date, and while we were gone, unprompted, William mowed the lawn. A very nice surprise. And before he got home, I was having a lovely day as well.

Did lots and lots of crafting and beading. There are several new projects up at Beadwork at BellaOnline including one I think roisnoir will really like. The fringe ear wraps. Which are blue because the Turnip wants everything Tardis blue this month. Also LOTS of new printables and a new craft project at Don't Eat the Paste, and my fry bread recipe if you're interested.
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