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crochet patterns and cooking

I just posted a couple new patterns for tawashi here.

Bounced my idea off the incomparable R, and she didn't tell me it was completely crazy and encouraged me to try it out. So it will take a bit of work to get it off the ground, but I'll let you know as it gets a lot closer to really started.

Thank you for your well wishes. There isn't much more to say than that, I'm incredibly grateful to have the support and encouragement of so many people. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog other than a few close friends, but then I get an email or a friend request on one of the social networking sites with a very kind personal message. Thank you all for that.

In other thoughts, golden syrup is really hard to find in Anchorage you know. Which means I can't make treacle tarts for my HP loving Turnip. I wind up buying them occasionally, imported from England.
But I had a thought the other day, what if I could make treacle tarts without treacle?
See, treacle is a partially inverted cane sugar product. Inverting sugars is a way to make them sweeter, and it's the process that's used in a lot of candy making. The way the big manufacturers do it is to cook what's basically a simple syrup with a bit of an acid like lemon juice, then add a simple syrup to that to keep it liquid.
I can do that at home. So.. that's my plan once my gosh darned oven is fixed. I'm going to attempt treacle tarts without treacle using ingredients that are easy to find at my local grocery store.

Today though, I'm going to try baking cakes in my little sandwich maker and see if I can do something like whoopie pies without having an oven. You can imagine how excited the Turnip is about this particular project. There is chocolate involved, therefore it must be good. If I can get that worked out to my satisfaction, I'm going to work on a sugar-free version for Lamar for my b-day. (Sunday! Yay!)
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