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Post its, spinners and life

My darling started a new job today. It came with a nice title that will fit in well with his resume and hopefully open the door to new and bigger things. We discussed it first because it's less than he was making, but he needs the experience in this position for his career plans.
Really truly makes you feel like a grown up having those conversations. Even more than having to use a cane.

I got an email today about it being Post-Its 30th Anniversary from 3m. It seems sort of wild to think it's been 30 years, I remembered Jewel Jones giving me some after I admired them in her office which was covered with them as a kid. Trying to think of any other office supply other than pencils that has lasted so long in it's near original form is difficult. Rosemary and I were talking about how much fun a rolodex app for phones could be. Especially if it does make the sound that they made as you rifled through the cards.

I made William a spinner necklace which I posted on Beadwork at BellaOnline, Turnip Girl wanted on of her own, which I made her, as well as a second spinner for William.

I was sure hex nuts would look good for a necklace. I'm very happy with how it turned out. The wire is a bronze wire from Parawire in 18 gauge and 26 gauge.

Being sick, I can't really work with seed beads. One good sneeze and they'd scatter everywhere. Wire is friendly medium for quick and easy. But I'm feeling more human and less whiny today.
I have a love/hate relationship with May. All those "Remember your mother for Mother's Day" ads and sweet sappy sentimental forwards from friends tend to make me weepy. But it's also the month that the market starts back up, and my birthday is this month too. So I'm going to try my best to stay very very busy.
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