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Bread Recipes

My Bread Recipes and Tips

Chocolate Banana Bread- quick bread in both sugar and sugar free recipes.
Thoughts on medieval bread and working out a recipe for it.
Tips for Better Bread, read to the end of the comments, jehanna contributed a great tip as well I forgot to put in.
Easy Fruit Spread

Yeast Breads

Sweet Breakfast Bread- cinnamon-y eggy goodness
Nut and Honey Bread made with spelt flour which is so yummy.
Scarborough Faire Bread with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Maple Bread
Herbed Bread E and I just played around and came up with this recipe.
Herbed Rounds - olive oil and herbs in a rustic-y bread
Chocolate Cheese and Whey Bread -Making a homemade chocolate cheese spread and then baking bread with the whey leftover from cheese making. A lot easier than it sounds!
Basic Bread- This is the recipe I used for years until I finally just stopped using recipes entirely for baking bread
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