shala_beads (shala_beads) wrote,

Recycled and Repurposed

Record Crafts

Making Labels for your record crafts so you can relabel a cheap record with something nifty.
Record Bowls
Record Bracelets

Repurposed Jewelry Ideas
Making Beads With Recycled Materials - links and ideas
Macaroni Earrings
Review of Timpy Works Earring Book
Making Beads from Toys
Duct tape and comic book bracelet
Penny Earrings- an older real copper penny is actually worth more than 1¢!

101 Uses For not anywhere near 101 uses, but please, suggest your own!
Cereal Boxes
Plastic Bags

Paper Crafts
Mini Notebooks using cardboard packaging and printed on one size reclaimed paper
Mini Notebooks 2 same thing, but decorated with reclaimed aluminum foil.
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