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My Crochet and Knitting Patterns


Pineapple Nano Pouch
Phone Cozy (c) to hand your phone from your purse or belt
Bubble Necklace (c) A necklace to hold a little favor bottle of bubbles
Lip Balm Holder(c)
Spangled Bag (c) Crocheted with pretty spangles in it.
Ruffled Pink Thing (c) my version of a designer bag from a few years ago.
Necessity Pouch (c)- not really a pattern, just an overview.
Blue Flowered Purse (c) more a tutorial then a pattern for making a handbag with some easy shaping.
That Pouch Thing (c) a 4 sided really customizable pouch tutorial, I made it as a dice bag for my son.
Skull Graph for a knit pouch I made.
Making DPN's and learning to knit with them, youtube video links plus instructions for making a pouch as a first project.
Knitted Pendant Bag 1, thread knitting with beads, this makes a tiny bag and is very quick.
Knitted Pendant Bag 2 larger this time, with a description of how I designed it. It should make real knitters laugh.

Hair Accessories

Bun Cover (c)
Peace Symbol and Eyeball Barrettes (c)Stick style barrettes made with worsted weight yarn.
Pink Headband (c) with crochet chart tutorial
Rainbow Kerchief (k)

Dish Clothes and Potholders

Super Easy Potholder (c)
One Ball Hyperbolic Plane (c)
Flat Spiral Scrubbie (c)
Little Flower Dishcloth (c)
Batty Dishcloth (k)


Little Bat Pattern (c) Amigurumi mini bat, very cute.
How I do drawstrings and draw string channels(c)
Ear Warmers
Button Joint Tutorial for adding button joints to your amigurumi
Crochet Bow to decorate things with. I used it on a mouse ears hat for my daughter.
Danish Heart(c)
Alien and Skull (c) Patterns for appliqué or other uses
Coffee sleeve (c)
How I do my earflaps, (c) no pictures
Zill Covers (c)
Stars (c) the pattern I used to make flaps for a friend's hat, shown in a few yarns/gauges
Gloves for a young lady (c) super easy edging for a pair of purchased gloves- size 10 thread
Scalloped Glove Eding(c) also for purchased gloves
My Favorite Afghan Pattern (c) works up fast in a bulky yarn.
Sock Edging (c)
Another sock edging (c)

Vintage Patterns
From my collection of vintage books.

3 Edgings (c)
Barbara Stole (c)
Head scarf(k) A nice sequined scarf.
Chi Chi Bonnet(k) A set of very unique hats.
Sunburst Doily(c)
Hot Plate Mats(c) Very cool loopy pattern.
Hand Puppet and Stuffed Yak(c)
Face Potholders(c) A lady and a clown, really scary.
Gift Doily
Fish Mobile
Caressa Cardigan (k)
Hat/Scarves Hats with scarves, also known as Scoodies now.(k) (c)


Some shawl math and granny square construction</a>
Bottom Up Granny Shawl (c)


Mike's Scarf super easy scarf for a very conservative man.
Wizard scarf tutorial (c) How to design the wizard-y scarf of your choice.
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