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I love that man of mine..

Seriously. The last chef at the place he works had no interest in switching from white to go boxes to unbleached. So he brought it up with the new chef, who is enthused about the idea.
I love that he does this so much. Without being preachy or anything else, he just encourages greener choices for a big hotel. He's absolutely my hero.

Today: That chocolate banana cake finally, and making yogurt. Other than that.. working on a pair of earrings and reading a trashy book on my kindle. Yay kindle! I can hide my more embarrassing reading choices while I'm in public.

Yesterday I was supposed to meet an old friend for coffee, but that didn't pan out. So we took E out to get more fabric for her dolls. Which I need to see and get pictures of. I've only seen one of them so far, but she spends her evenings happily in her room sewing sewing sewing.
I've been making a bunch of knotted paracord bracelets lately. Since I don't have plastic slide clasps,I'm making clasps out of copper for them. They are so easy and fast. I think I'll use the same technique to design a beaded friendship bracelet. It's just super easy square knots with handmade clasps so it will adapt well to embroidery floss.
The QotD thing recently? What song is stuck in your head? Stuart by the Dead Milkmen or Vanilla by Marian Call. It keeps going back and forth.
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