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More on Amy's Rag Bag

Today in my editorial chat, after we got done talking about the business end of things and it was just a few of us ladies left, we started talking about green decisions. Pros and cons of various choices, and what our favorite ways of making of a difference environmentally are. Being the wonderful group of ladies they are, nobody had to suggest the obvious of using reusable grocery bags or switching to CFBs. Everyone sort of assumed I think that we were all of course already doing that. I brought up cloth pads because it's always a new idea to someone.

And of course, since I brought up cloth pads, I also gave a specific recommendation. Out of all of them E has tried, her favorite system, hands down, is Amy's Rag Bag, and that's without taking into account the political and social views the owner/operator/designer/seamstress has or the fact the pads are all recycled fabric. She likes it best because it just works best for her.
The problem and the virtue of majortom_thecat's design is that the system is completely unique. It's not based off of regular disposable pads, it's a well thought out system that really takes into account women have different needs at different times. But it confused some of the ladies who looked. So I'm writing this for them, and I'll send them the link later.
If you check out my original review of her pads there is a basic overview of them, and a photograph of some she sent me so you can get an idea of variety of colors and fabrics she works with, and the one on top is closed so you can see how they close. It's a toggle type closure. Fabric in my illustrations is purely from my imagination. Real fabric will look a lot better. And my drawings? NOT to scale, the wings really are proportional on the real pads, which they aren't in my drawing.

From left to right, the base/liner is what you would use on the bottom of your pile, or the layer next to your panties, the next layer would be the soaker, which is exactly what it sounds like, and the top layer, which holds it all together is the topper. She makes the bases in different sizes and shapes including the single best nighttime pad shape I've ever seen, her violin base. The soakers either come with 3 layers, or a trifold design that's more layers but unfolds for quicker drying. The toppers come in a couple sizes, so you can get one big enough to be a panty liner by itself. My illustration leaves well.. a lot to be desired, but the basic idea is that the T on the left side tucks into the loop on the right side. It's not as tricky as it may sound, and E swears it's quicker than snaps on her other pads.

I wish I could get E to write exactly what she likes so much about this system over the other ones she's tried, but what really matters is, it is the system that works best for her. Your mileage may vary. It's worth it to try out a few different kinds, and (I know a bunch of people are just gonna squick at this, but really.. it's silly.) you can give away well laundered used pads in one of the cloth pad communities here if you get some that just don't work for you to give someone else the chance.
E hasn't tried any she just doesn't like, but her preference is for these.
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