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Printable box- Peace symbol

I use my blog sometimes for my printables list, so this entry has got a little about my terms of use.

Click on the image for the printable version. It's a bit over 2x2x2 after assembled when printed at 100 dpi.

This is one of a new set of boxes I'll be posting as my "free with donation" thank you gift this month, the rest aren't all peace symbols, the "theme" of this set is just the template, I'm having fun figuring out what I can put in the circle.
It seems like lately, a lot of people aren't reading my F.A.Q., so just as a reminder, almost all the art on my printables is drawn by me, what I don't draw, I use with permission. So when you make a suggestion, or request, I'm probably not going to fulfill it. I'm not getting rich, I'm not even breaking even on my page, and if I spent the hours doing your great idea, and everyone else's great ideas, I wouldn't have the time for my own ideas. I'm willing to work with you quite reasonably on custom designs, or do requests that I can post even more reasonably. However, just because I offer so much for free doesn't mean I'm obligated to do your great idea for free. Sorry. It's my time, and if my time isn't worth a couple dollars, then you'll just have to settle for what I do post for free. In the last few weeks, I've gotten some nasty emails from people who seem to think I'm being completely unreasonable, and those kind of emails don't reflect the majority of my readers, and I know they don't, but for just a minute.. I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and pull down my entire site. I don't like feeling that frustrated, so I just wanted to make my point clear again. As always.. barter is encouraged. I'll happily accept a bunch of pretty postcards or something similar for custom designs. *grins*
I hope you like the new design!
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