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Since I have nothing really to say..

I spent today mostly reading, cooking, and working on my scarf, I'm halfway through the second round, and it will be 4 rounds total. (strip method donchaknow)

I also spent a little while transcribing a couple new patterns. This time, knit patterns. The first one is fairly wearable. The second, really customizable, but for the most part? Not recommending the customizations they did. Well.. E loves one, and I like one. Can you guess which ones we like? But I think it would look too cute with embroidered flowers and rick rack, because rick rack makes everything look better.

It's American Thread Company Star Gift Book No. 150

I copied the instructions exactly except for putting each row on it's own line. So all the odd capitalization is actually what's in the book. Like apparently, Satin stitch is a proper noun, but satin ribbon or outline stitch are not.
Besequinned Triangle

Materials Required:
2 ounces White or color of your choice
1 pr. knitting needles No. 8
Cast on 3 stitches (sts), increase (inc) 1 st in 1st st. Knit (K) to end of row.
2nd Row: Same as 1st row (5 sts)
3rd Row: K 2, K 3 times in next st, K 2
4th Row: K 2, yarn over (y o) twice (work all yo sts winding yarn around needle from back to front), K 3 togther (tog) y o twice, k 2
5th Row: (right side of work) K across row, working a K st in each of the y o sts
6th Row: K 2, y o twice, K 3 tog, y o twice, K 2 tog, y o twice, K 2
7th Row: Same as 5th Row
8th Row: K 2, y o twice, K 2 tog, * y o twice, K 3 tog, repeat from * to within 2 sts, y o twice, K 2
9th Row: Same as 5th Row.
10th Row: K 2 *y o twice, K 3 tog, repeat from * to withing 4 sts, yo twice, K 2 tog, y o twice, k 2
Repeat last 4 rows until Triangle measures 18 inches from point to base ending with a K row.
Next Row: * K2, K 2 tog, repeat from * across row ending with a K 2.
Next 4 Rows: K across each row, bind off. Block Triangle, Scatter and sew sequins as desired.

The next set are Bonnets, a basic Bonnet pattern (yeah.. Bonnet is a proper noun.) and a bunch of variations. Click on the title of each variation, and a larger scan will come up in it's own window.
The Chi Chi Bonnet

With One Simple Direction for the basic bonnet, any number of variations may be made.
flowers looped embroidered pompoms pony tail or try buttons or bowknots.

Materials Required:
2 ounces White or color of your choice for Basic Bonnet
1 ounce additional for Pony Tail, Fringe and Sequins and Loops
1/3 ounce Golf Green, Amber, Flame and Scarlet for Embroidery
1/3 ounc Golf Green, Flame and Scarlet for Flowers
Plastic crochet hook Size H

GAUGE: 5 stitches (sts) = 1 inch, 6 rows = 1 inch

Cast on 80 sts and working in Knit (K) 1, Purl (P) 1, ribbing for 5 1/2 inches, then decrease (dec) every 5th st (K 2 together [tog]), ending with a K 1, P 1.
Next Row: K 1, P 2 tog, then dec every 4 st (P 2 tog) ending in ribbing.
Next 2 Rows: Work even in ribbing.
Next Row: Dec every 3rd st (K 2 tog) ending in ribbing.
Next Row: Dec every 2nd st (P 2 tog) ending in ribbing.
Next 2 rows: K 2 tog, P 2 tog across each row, cut yawn leaving an end.
Thread into yarn needle, draw sts together and sew a seam for 3 inches. Work a row of slip (sl) stitches (sts) all around edge of Bonnet.
Ties: Cast on 4 sts * K 1, yarn in front, sl 1 as if purling, yarn in back. Repeat from *
Next Row: K 1 in back of st, yarn in front, sl 1 as if Purling, yarn in back, K 1, yarn in front, sl 1 as if Purling.
Repeat last row until Tie measures 8 1/2 inches, bind off. Work another Tie to correspond. Sew Ties in position. Trim as desired or as follows.
FRINGE AND SEQUINS: Cut 60 strands 12 inches long, tie in center and attach to front center of Bonnet. Knot each strand of Fringe at the end and sew sequins to each knot.
EMBROIDERY: Embroider Flowers as illustrated using long and short straight stitches for Petals having one-half of Flower in Scarlet and one-half in Flame. Work 6 French Knots in center of one Flower in Amber, and work center of other Flower in Satin stitch with Golf Green. Work Leaves as illustrated with straight stitches. Work Stems in outline stitch. Work 2 Flowers on each side of Bonnet and scatter small Leaves across Front.
FLOWERS: Cut 4-2 1/2 inch lengths of Golf Green, wind Flame 20 times over a 1 inch cardboard, tie one end for top of Flower, cut other end. Place the 4-2 1/2 inch strands of Golf Green on top of Flower and tie again. Trim Flower evenly. Work 19 Flowers in Flame, and 19 in Scarlet. Tie in position to Bonnet mixing colors as desired.
PONY TAIL BANGS: Cut 34-4 inch lengths, double each in half, and pull through at front, trim. Cut remainder of yarn into 30 inch lengths, tie in center, and tie in position on to back of Bonnet. Tie with satin ribbon as illustrated.
LOOPS: Starting at front center of Bonnet working to back of Bonnet, work loop sts over entire K st. Work 1 loop st in each of the next 6 K sts (loop st: wind yarn around index finger to form a 1 1/2 inch loop, insert hook through both loops of next K st, and complete sc) skip 1 row, work to front of Bonnet, and work 1 loop st in each of next 6 sts. Working toward the back of Bonnet, skip 1 row, work 1 loop st in each of the next 10 sts, then work around loop sts already made working a loop st in each row. Working toward front of Bonnet, work 1 loop st in each of the next 10 sts. Continue in this semi-circular manner always skipping 1 row until Bonnet is covered with loops. Cover back of Bonnet and remainder of each side with loops in same manner.

It doesn't say, but the Loops variation is the one you need the crochet hook for. And check out the flowers hat! Yep. Those are pom pom flowers. It sort of reminds me of those swimming caps with plastic flowers attached.
Did you guess which variation I liked and which one E likes?
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