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22 January 2009 @ 02:41 pm
Barbara Stole  
I love this stole pattern. It's done strip method, and has a flower-y look to it.
It's from 1952.

Barbara Stole C161 from J. & P. Coats & Clark Stoles and Blouses Book No. 296
Festive Stoles and Blouses
Published 1952
Chadwick's Red Heart Sock and Sweater Yarn, 3 ply, Shrink and stretch resist finish, Art. E.255: 12 skeins (1 oz. "Tangle-Proof" Pull-Out Skeins) of No. 570 Orchid; and J. & P. Coats Rayon Crochet Art. A.73: 16 balls of No. 603 Orchid... Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Crochet Hook No. 8

First Strip...
Chain 5, tr in 5th chain from hook *ch 3, dc in top of previous tr, ch 4, tr in top of dc, repeat from * until there are 16 tr loops and 15 dc loops
1st round: Ch 3, dc in first loop, (ch 2, holding back on hook the last loop of each dc, make 2 dc in same loop, thread over, and draw through all loops on hook-cluster made) 3 times; * sc in next loop, in next loop make (cluster, ch 2) 3 times and cluster. Repeat from * across. Now work along opposite side as follows: ch 2, in first loop make (cluster, ch 2) 3 times and cluster; sc in next loop. Complete as for other side, ending with a ch 2. Join to top of ch-3. Break off.
with right side facing, attach yarn to 3rd ch-2 preceeding first sc, ch 6, * dc in next sp, ch 3, holding back on hook last loop of each dc, make dc in next two ch-2 sps, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (joint-dc made), ch 3. Repeat from * across one side, ending with a dc in 3rd sp of the last motif, break off.
Second Strip...
Work as for First Strip, omitting edging on both sides.
Joining of Strips:
With right side facing, attach yarn to 3rd ch-2 sp preceeding first sc on Second Strip, ch 4, sl st in last sp made on First Strip, * ch 1, dc in next sp on Second Strip, ch 1, sl st in corresponding sp on First Strip, ch 1, make a joint dc over the next 2 sps on the Second Strip, ch 1, sl st in corresponding loop on the First Strip. Repeat from * across, ending with a dc in the 3rd loop on the last motif. Break off. Work Edging across opposite side as before. Make another strip as for Second Strip, joining as Second Strip was joined to First Strip. Continue to work in this manner until the piece is 24 inches wide.
Cut 10 strands each of yarn and Rayon, each 15 inches long. Make a fringe in each loop across both short sides.

Up to figure 4 in the handy fringe making instructions.
Given that the yarn and hook sizes aren't standard anymore, it's about equivalent to a size H hook. I think it would work fine with one strand of a worsted weight yarn, and that's how I'm going to try it.
Here's the cover to this book.

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reviarevia on January 24th, 2009 02:05 am (UTC)
Nice stoles, but...


I need to start looking for some vintage crochet books of afghans. One of my coworkers has an awesome afghan that her (now dead) grandmother made when she was little. I have stared at this thing until my eyes have crossed and I can't figure out the pattern.
shala_beads: vintage crochet headshala_beads on January 24th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
*nods* I have an afghan my grandma knitted, and I just don't know enough about knitting to even try replicating it. Well.. actually.. I *had* an afghan, it got shredded by a dog, but I have a baby blanket in the same pattern that she made my son. I want very much to make more. Plus the amazing stocking my great-aunt made for 3 generations of kids.
That book (the one I scanned the icon pic from) has bodies that are missing from the waist down too!
(Anonymous) on June 6th, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC)
Grandmother's stole pattern
I'd love the challenge...