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Amy's Rag Bag

E is a very environmentally conscious young lady, she never throws something away without considering if she can use it for her crafts, she doesn't litter, and in fact, while we are walking will pick up other people's litter, and she prefer cloth pads. I wrote sort of extensively about menstrual alternatives here.
So.. this is a review. Of cloth pads from Amy's Rag Bag.
"Amy" uses almost all recycled materials for her pads. She's almost apologetic about the fact the THREAD is new. I can't imagine trying to recycle thread, but I'm sure if there were a way, she would. I'm also sure she would happily use partial spools that weren't otherwise going to be used if you sent them to her. Cloth pads are green, and her pads are the greenest.
The closure on them is unique, it has to be, since in keeping with her recycled materials where ever possible, it's not snaps or hook and loop tape like are more common.It's a toggle type clasp. Her prices are some of the lowest around on pads, and she's willing to do barter deals too. A girl after my own heart, oatmeal raisin cookies are one of my favorites! I'd have offered cookies, but my husband thinks if I'm baking, it should be for him.
I gave her a vague sort of list of what my daughter likes. She likes bright bold patterns, the colors green and blue this week. I got a fantastic stack of pads for E, all different shapes, sizes and parts.
The system is a stacking system, with a base, a liner, and a topper to hold it all in place. The toppers could be used by themselves on light days or as panty liners, a topper and base for medium days, and a extra liner or two when you need it. The liners are folded types, which are preferable to solid sewn ones because you can rinse/wash them out and lay them out to dry and they dry quicker. The bases come in different sizes and shapes to fit your needs.
E loved the colors and patterns, so then she tried one out, she didn't need to, but just to see.
She says it's comfortable and easy to use, and she really likes them. Which ultimately is what's important. She will use them.

You can also contact her on here. majortom_thecat is her user name.
As far as it goes, this is my idea of a near perfect product. Cottage industry, green production, nearly 100% post consumer materials, great pricing, service, construction, and made by someone who has as strong a belief in the barter system as I do.
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