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Favorite Links

More Stuff I Do
My Printables Blog
Printable boxes and other things, some stuff duplicated from this blog.
Amazon book reviews
My book reviews if you're interested in what I'm reading.
My Facebook page and Shala's Printables and Beadwork Facebook Page

For Scented Products
Laura's Body and Soul
They feed my scent addiction, AND have an eczema cream that has done absolute wonders for my husband's psoriasis. I can't say enough good about that cream.
Gladheart Acres
Gladheart Acres makes lovely cold process soaps in a ton of scents and types. They also have some lovely body butters. I'm totally hooked on them. The soap has enough superfatting to be perfect for winters. My favorite shampoo bars as well.
Bath Bucket Soap
You can read my review here
Bramble Berry
I couldn't really do a list without including Bramble Berry right?
The Chemistry Connection
On Ebay, accepts Paypal. I've ordered from her, and been very happy with the service, products and pricing. Supplies. Not finished products, this is where I got the lipbalm supplies for our family's lip balm this year.

Halstead Beads
Great service and prices, great products.

Blue Bonsai
Locally roasted yumminess. I really recommend the Empress Blend, if you prefer medium roasts, my dad loves the Samurai.
Brainscan on Etsy
She wrote the wonderful "Stolen Sharpie Revolution", and she roasts coffee to order. Yum yum.

Crochet Pattern Central

Cloth menstrual pads
Amy's Rag Bag
Wonderful pads made with almost all post consumer recycled fabrics, the only thing that's not post consumer recycled is the thread she sews them with. She's worked out a toggle like closure for them, and a stacking system that's intuitive and flexible. Her prices are incredibly reasonable so it's a good way to start with cloth pads. I wrote a short tutorial on how to use them you can find here. If you've never bought from her, ask about her starter set, it's a very inexpensive way to start.
Really cute new pads, vegan buttons, cloth advocacy buttons.
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