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Happiness is a warm record

E and I made simple record cuff bracelets today with some of the records I picked up last night, then she wanted to make a bowl.
She picked Jim Nabors Christmas Album, and we put a Pyrex bowl on a pizza sheet, then put the record on that, and popped it in the oven. The Pyrex bowl we could find was fairly large, so when the record slumped, it slumped naturally into 3 fluted edges and a vague triangle shape E was very happy with. So we exaggerated the shape after we pulled it out, and called it good.

Now, it seems to me, everyone should know how to make these,but if you don't, they are super fast and easy.
Heat your oven to 200°F or about 93°C and find an oven safe bowl of some sort. Stainless steel or Pyrex work well. Put the bowl on a cookie sheet or pizza pan open side down, then balance the record on top with the label centered on the bottom of the bowl. Put it in the oven for about 2 or 3 minutes. Seriously, that's all it takes. Pull it out when it slumps and working fast, crimp the pleats/flutes how you want them. The record will be hot, so oven mitts or potholders help.It cools pretty fast, then it's that shape. If you aren't happy with the shape, pop it back in the oven to re-soften and do it again. Better done with older kids only because the records get hot, but younger kids can decorate slumped records with rub ons, stickers, gel pens, or paint. I don't recommend eating something like chips or popcorn out of these bowls because I'm not sure if the vinyl will leech ickiness into food, but wrapped candy is fine. Which is why that one is full of kisses. It will be E's Christmas present for her Grandpa. She's pretty thrilled, it's a Christmas record, which will be full of Christmas kisses, on Christmas. And while I did most the work, she helped out enough to feel like it's something she made for him.

I updated Beadwork at BellaOnline with a bunch of links to recycled bead projects. I also posted a couple new links to pictures in my newsletter. (there's a subscription link on the side of the BellaOnline page). Here are the pictures if you're interested.
Polar Bears, taken at the zoo last Saturday.
Trees, taken in the same place this picture was taken before winter.
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