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Chocolate and hearts.

Well.. the sky is not falling, and most of Hershey's offerings are still made with cocoa butter. So we got Hershey's for the little costumed beggars. LOTS of chocolate bars.
Since we went to the gym this evening, and I didn't have stuff on hand to make a quick dinner, for dinner we went with turkey smoked sausage, broccoli, instant rice, and cream of mushroom soup. Everyone knows some variation of that is the easiest meal in the world.
Sarah, at has a really cute method for turning the ends of hot dogs in hearts, so I did that with the ends of the turkey sausages. You can see her hot dog heart video here. How too cute is that? Even given the rules against cute food, I arranged Mike's plate so it was rice and sausage mix, with a nice bouquet of broccoli on one side, and a heart in the middle of the rice. I did the same for E minus the broccoli. Cooked veggies you know. She had carrots. I apologized for dinner being nothing special, and E informed me that hearts were special.
I got the refrigerated crescent rolls to make Dem Bones with, but instead of raisins, I was planning to use turkey pepperoni for the eyes and mouth, because.. raisins and parmesan sound icky to me. However.. given that my darling daughter ate her french toast with taco sauce the other day.. no. I'm not kidding.Worse, it was french toast STICKS. So she looked like she was eating bloody fingers.

Tomorrow night, dinner will be light, since we are doing the trick or treat thing with E, hitting my brother's house for lots of candy, and possibly.. just maybe.. Mike and I will go out tomorrow evening after he's done at work since he has to go back in for a bit in the evening.

Dad had an accident at his job tonight, slipped, fell, open his head up some, and needed 12 stitches. And called very, very annoyed. Not because he fell, but because he didn't think it was a big deal, but his boss made him go to the dr, and told Dad if he didn't call us, he would, as Dad's medical emergency contact. AND.. he drove himself home from the dr. Which led to Mike calling him a foolish and stubborn man. So.. Mike's going to call him in the morning to make sure he feels okay for driving to work. And.. I know.. he's 60. He should be able to take care of himself, but I suspect that keeping the stitches clean is going to be a group effort with me and W reminding him.

And wow.. umm.. I HAVE to e-mail honeybeehill and majortom_thecat. I'm sorry. I get really super forgetful a lot of the time, and then realize it's been months.
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