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Various Links- Mostly Halloween

Ambient Temperature Tapestry.. I really really have to try some of that techy embroidery at some point. But I do love this so much.
Dem Bones really cute bone biscuits made with refrigerated crescent rolls, the example is sprinkled with parmesan cheese, but you could use a little butter and cinnamon sugar.
Lela Davidson suggests piping meringues in bone shapes, and 101 Cookbooks has the cutest meringue ghosts I've ever seen. Ghosts are a natural for meringue though, so if you google you'll find a bunch of variations.
NotMartha has wonderful handpies made in the shapes of leaves. So have to try this, even if Mike said no more cute food. Besides.. when he smells them baking.. he'll have to try one!
But tonight.. we are having left over s'ghetti for dinner. I really made entirely too much. Fortunately, my family isn't anti-leftovers. I was talking to a high school friend who told me he dislikes leftovers, and the thought just boggled me. I just got off the phone with Dad who told me his boss had a sweatshirt E might like, what size did she wear.. and he explained to me his boss always buys new clothes for his kids. I think I should ask Dad if there is a nice way to let his boss know that we'll always take hand me downs. I kind of understand where his boss is coming from, he came from a big family, and new clothes were a treat, but thrift stores, garage sales and yes, even on occasion, dumpster diving, are such a part of how I grew up that I can't imagine buying everything new. My kids feel the same way. They love thrift stores and garage sales. The only reason we have been buying so many *new* shirts through the last few years is that I can find new shirts for 1-5 dollars shopping at the right time.
Poor E got sick, she's feeling a lot better now thank goodness. It was starting to look like maybe trick or treating in sub freezing temps was going to be a really bad idea. It's about 25º F here right now, and a bit cooler in the evenings. She's very excited about her costume.
Well.. off to.. um.. do something productive. I'm not sure what yet. I'm having a lack of inspiration today. Maybe I should clean. That always gives me lots of great ideas of other things I can be doing!
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