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Penny Earrings

Well.. with the rise in copper prices, I believe.. I haven't checked lately, that a copper penny is worth a bit over 1¢ in metal value. That's 1909-1982. A later penny is worth quite a bit less then a penny in metal.
Which is really not anything anybody needs to know, but at some point, Anchorage got a huge influx of older pennies, so I've been finding probably 1 out 3 pennies lately being 1982 or before. So I've been saving them. Because I know a lot of people like copper jewelry, and hey! Lots of penny pressing machines, so I figured instead of sending Mel the pennies I had pressed for her, I could press actual copper pennies she could use for jewelry.
I decided to flatten a couple and turn them into earrings. Just for the record? Flattening pennies without the help of a nearby train is a long slow process unless you happen to have a big strong person handy who is willing to whack things with hammers not to hear the tap tap tap of you flattening it.
So.. he flattened it. Then I domed them slightly with my ball peen hammer. Then because I didn't have my Foredom set up and really didn't feel confident about my cheap Dremel doing the job, he drilled the pennies. Then came the hard part.
I'm out of 20-22 gauge copper wire. I have lots of 18. I have, for some reason, 3 little rolls of 18 gauge. Some 10, some 12. No 20-22.
But today I realized my little hand drill and a tiny drill bit would probably handle the turquoise I had just fine. So with E's help, I drilled out the holes a little bit bigger on my turquoise.
So.. now it all works. And I made these..

With flash-

The nifty bandanna in the background? That's from Steampunk Magazine. You can read the zine online for free, or buy it fairly inexpensively, or read an issue or two online and decide you want them all. I ordered them and the bandanna because E is taking a huge interest in Steampunk thanks more I think to ThreadBanger then to books or movies, but I could be mistaken. It's a chicken and egg question. (I know. The egg which was laid by a proto-chicken, an almost chicken.. but you know what I mean, unless you believe in creationism, in which case, the chicken). I also ordered the near free zines you can order with them because I love zines. The SteamPunk zines are gorgeous full sized zines with stories, projects and wonderful art. I really recommend them.
But if you just love the bandanna, you can get them in different colors from Ratchet's Etsy Shop. They are very nice, well printed and pretty large.

I'm not sure I'm going to make it to chat tonight, we've got a busy night planned, and I need to find my cane, shower, get dressed and put on make up.
Current Melt Value of Coins, in case you were wondering.Looks like copper pennies are the only currency in current circulation worth their face value!
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