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Blame it on my dad. Mike certainly does.
When I was a kid, there was a place we could buy Ghiradelli chocolate by the lb, it was a huge slab of chocolate, and they chipped it off with ice picks, so you got a fist sized chunk.
For Easter, Dad would never get "chocolately flavored candy" or hollow bunnies. He thought hollow bunnies were a rip off, and was deeply suspicious of anything "chocolate flavored" unless it was actual chocolate.
Well.. the end result is that I'm chocolate snob. Kim and Mike both keep telling me I'm really unfair to Hersheys, and just not giving it enough of a chance, but it's waxy and awful to me. The chocolate bars I like usually only have 3 or 4 ingredients.
Cocoa, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Lecithin, and sometimes vanilla. That's it. The first 3 are clearly chocolate, the lecithin makes the bar really smooth without having to hand temper so it's the reason my tiny bars are 3.00 instead of 6. My standby is Fran's Chocolate. I love the crunch bars with little nibs of cocoa in them instead of puffed rice for the crunch. I'd rather have one bar of chocolate I'll really enjoy then 10 for the same price of chocolate that isn't as good, so I have one chocolate bar a month, but I enjoy it, savor it, and it's my time.

Well.. that said, every Halloween I do buy those 25-50¢ candy bars for the neighborhood kids.They think it's awesome we always give out full sized candy bars, and I feel a little guilty for giving anyone bad chocolate. This year though.. it's going to take some thought. I'm seriously considering springing the extra to get Newman's Own Organics or Endangered Species chocolate because even though I always felt a little guilt over giving the kids Hersheys, it was at least supporting jobs in American, but I'm not sure how I feel about their replacing cocoa butter with vegetable oil, and I'm absolutely certain how I feel about M&M/Mars doing animal testing, and even if I weren't sure, E is definitely on the boycott bandwagon with that, and since she didn't cross our boycott lines during the Olympics, we will respect hers as well.
It's kind of depressing as well. I remember when I was a kid getting popcorn balls that people would attach address labels to so everyone knew where you got them and knew they were "safe". I wish I could bake or cook for Halloween too, but it's not even an option anymore. I could make treats for the kids in my family, but not for the few trick or treaters we get every year. Of course, we get more now then we used to. Since word gets around so fast "The weird people have full sized candy bars!"
I was thinking of doing a cake for the cakewalk at the Y Halloween party, but Mike said he would rather donate 30.00 dollars to the Y then give up any cake I baked. So I guess I'm baking a cake for us, and he's donating. *grins*
But tonight is that annual science museum fund raising safe kids trick or treating event we've gone to every single year since it started. Also known as the "Warehouse of Torture" for people like me who get headaches from screechy kids. So I'm going to think about that now.
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