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and when he was good he was very very good..

After the gym last night, while waiting at the deli to get sandwich meat.. I realized that a bowl of cereal all day was not nearly enough food. I was famished. So I got some fruit to snack on while waiting, and I started a conversation with a guy who was having a sandwich made.
We talked about cheese and stuff, and at my recommendation, he tried the smoked gruyere, and decided he loved it. Mike joked that he couldn't cook, but obviously I could and did.
Mike and I were deciding on what to get for dinner, and finally settled deli sliced chicken breast, and asiago cheese.
When we got home, he sauteed portabello mushrooms in olive oil and garlic with a bit of seasoning, then topped it with the meat and cheese. It was.. amazing. It was so very very good. I told him I didn't want him saying he couldn't cook anymore. Because he can absolutely make that for me for dinner anytime. He probably would have popped it under the broiler to get the cheese all brown if I hadn't been so hungry.

The new grrm Wild Cards book is out. I need to pick up a copy soon. Love love love Wild Cards. The whole idea of it, and Mike likes the series too. I know everyone is waiting for the new A Song of Ice and Fire book, and I do like that series, but the Wild Cards world is one of my favorites.
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