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I'm sure this matters to almost nobody but me..

I think my hair may be growing a bit faster. To be honest, I've never let it grow to terminal length in my life, so I don't know how long it can get. I really didn't hope for much past bra strap length.

But it's just a couple inches from the top of my tail bone now. So now I'm starting to get hopeful. Maybe I can grow it to classic length. I know a lot of women who are older with short hair, I'm hoping not to be one of them.

At the gym tonight, Mike apparently spotted someone checking me out while I was doing leg presses and scared the poor kid off. There was no one in the weight room over 25 except Mike and I, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Mrs. Robinson fantasies Mike was thinking, he was probably looking at my tattoo. Because really.. if you're young and pretty and have all the usual gym bunnies to look at, why would you look at someone 15 years your senior who's short, dumpy, wearing an oversized teeshirt, and really sweaty?
I really upped my intensity with cardio today. Guilt. I made roast chicken and homemade stuffing for a late lunch instead of making dinner. But Mike was happy. Usually he only gets stuffing once a year, and my homemade stuffing is quite possibly his favorite food in the world.

And.. one of the new employees DID ask me about my tattoo when I finished up while I was waiting for Mike to get done with his shower. While I was stinky and sweaty and probably pretty disgusting. I take my showers at home if we don't have plans because I prefer hot showers to tepid ones.
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