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Whistles and printables and dreams.

One of the nicest things about Mike being in the luxury hotel business is that I get the opportunity to get a lot of packaging things that I wouldn't normally. Like Crown Royal bags, wine crates, and bottle caps.
I told Mike to talk to the bartenders and have them save bottle caps for me. I haven't gotten them yet, but he asked me how many I can use.
I told him that scrapbookers buy "plain" ones to use for scrapbooking that cost 2.50 and up for 10. He looked at me completely baffled. But a lot of scrapbooking as a craft baffles me. Crafting to me means frequently, thrifty and creative re-use of things.
I want them to use for part of the sound chamber for whistles, and we don't buy bottled drinks often. More often if we get soft drinks instead of frozen juice, we get cans so I can re-use the aluminum.
Well.. still waiting for the bottle caps, and I told Mike I can use a lot. Some for the whistles, some for jewelry, and of course, I've used them for buttons before. So I guess I need to start a bottle cap list too to go with my plastic bag and cereal box lists.

I'm working on a printable box to keep adhesive strips in after getting some entirely too cool Justice League ones. So I can keep them in my purse for those inevitable boo boos.

I woke up this morning with a very clear image of an archway, and an imperfect metaphor for life and choices in my mind. That experiences and previous choices create new archways, paths to new choices, and an epiphany or defining moment creates the keystone that makes it remain, that makes it a life lesson you keep. You can't have the moment without the experiences that lead up to it, a keystone without that would fall on your head, but with all of it together, you have a new path.
It's imperfect. But it was sort of a neat image to wake up to.
Tags: dreams, paper crafts, printables, recycled crafts, recycling
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