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Duct tape, ipods, and creative children

Yesterday, I hollered at Mike when he crumpled up gold shiny foil from chocolate to throw away. He knows better. Today, E told me it was a good thing she had gold foil paper from chocolate.

She made herself an ipod pouch out duct tape, scrap rainbow yarn, paper foil, and a button she found. She likes the pouch I was using, but you know E. She needs something she made too.

For a kid who didn't use her little mp3 players much,she's loving having my old 4 gig nano. Really.

We walked up to the yarn shop where I spent entirely too much on yarn, but I also picked up some roving for the wet felting she wanted to try. The problem is.. I'm not sure if I need to pick up Dawn. I use Myers or Bi-o-kleen dishsoap because they don't make my hands break out. There's a spinning class at the museum next month I need to look into.
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