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First time stranded knitting

Actually, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I only used two colors, and some of my floats were pretty long, so I wrapped? twisted? whatever.. them every 3 stitches, and it turned out pretty okay.
Even though my 2 yarns were a bit different weights. And it was acrylic yarn because I didn't see the point of using cotton with the gitd yarn which is acrylic.

Why is the second picture greyscaled? Because I'm lazy. I accidentally hit the color correction on the camera and it came out *BLUE* so I adjusted it a bit and then greyscaled it. But you get the general idea right?
The great big skulls are Halloween decorations, I picked up a "bag of skulls" then drilled them with my little hand drill and a largish bit.
The chart as I did it.

The chart as I'd do it again if I did it a second time.

Now the hard question, which kid is gonna snag the glow in the dark skull pouch? Because one will. I know that.
Tags: knitting, patterns, skulls

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