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This is cut for the people who are just here for the crafts.

Well.. I finally went to get my cane yesterday. It was pretty surreal at points. There was a guy in physical therapy being wheeled about on a big easy chair. I'm not kidding. It was a recliner with wheels, blue, plush, over stuffed.
A big butch looking guy, a nurse or something, was standing in the employees only area behind physical therapy while the door was open. He yelled to someone else "I'm more woman then you are!" and I very carefully didn't notice, so I wouldn't giggle with glee and have people misinterpret.
I realized, that surrealism is the normal way of things, which sort of redefines realism. At least if your paying attention it does. Or maybe it is just my life that sort of thing just happens. Naw.. it's everyone.
I got my cane, got instructions for walking with it. The physical therapist wasn't my normal one since I walked in to get it, but the guy was very nice. He marked it, sawed it down to fit, and replaced the end cape. Then he put a spiky thing on it to pop down "In case it snowed."
Yeah. He said that. In case it snows. Because you know.. it might not. It's just barely possible it might not snow this winter in Anchorage, Alaska. When the termination dust is already nearly halfway down the mountain. Termination dust, for those of you in non-snowy areas, is snow, and when it's halfway down the mountains here, it means it's time to snow in Anchorage. I must get pictures of snowcapped mountains soon. Because everyone loves snow capped mountains unless they know it means a long wet snowy winter is coming. Ah well.. I still think this is the best place in the US to live.
I was a little upset. I danced for years, and in some ways, dancing was my first love, getting a cane was another piece of proof that I can't really dance anymore. Mike said "Don't dwell on it, don't think of it so much." I was a dancer longer then I was a wife. Don't think about the only part of being a kid, of being a teenager, that was unqualifiedly a happy thing? I said "Okay.. I want you to think of a life without my homemade meatloaf." He stopped walking.. looked at me.. and said "That's just mean." but he got the point. It's hard not being depressed about it. I don't think of it mostly. It hurts too much, and it's all very sad, but all things considered, my life is great. I'm healthy, I'm strong, I just have these injuries that I have to learn to live with. But surely occasionally it's alright if I'm just very depressed about the way my body betrays me after I spent years teaching it to do what I wanted.
We went to New Sagaya, and got dinner, as well desserts from L'Aroma bakery. Because most things can be fixed by a really good cream puff. As long as it is really good and not one of the nasty horrible things some places serve which are basically soggy dough and whipped topping.
Came home, watched the debate until I started screaming at the tv, then I left Mike to watch it while I went into bead chat.
I called Dad in the evening, and wow.. he was upset. He and Uncle Lamar were working on fixing the bathroom sink. Those two old men are my family, I love them so much. But that doesn't at all change the fact they are two cranky, crude, set in their ways men. Uncle Lamar isn't really my uncle, but he and Dad have been friends just this side of forever, and he's always been in my life. Even before Dad and Mom met, Lamar lived just around the block and we knew him. They were cussing up a storm. I asked Dad if he needed help, and he said "Were you going to offer?" "I was thinking Mike." And the rest of the conversation needs to behind a filter. And marked for adults only. But Mike brought W back with him. Which is always nice.
Wow.. that got long.

This week has been a mostly good week. Some of it was purely materialistic. I'm easy that way. Money doesn't buy happiness, but sometimes, it can sort of put the down payment on it. I don't mean big money. Just.. little stuff.
We went to Office Depot to get a long reach stapler, and all they had out in the stapler item was the display item. Mike went back to the clearance section, and found one on clearance for 24 dollars. Which would have been enough to make me happy, but! He also found a cheap little comb binder for 42. I wanted a spiral binder, but let's be honest, for the money? Comb binding is just fine for me. See how much I'll use it really, and if I use it enough, then next year maybe we will buy a coil binder. Yay for office supply stores!
I love the current issue of Craft magazine, but it did remind me how much I wanted a pocket loom (which is basically just a rigid heddle), they have a paper/card one in the magazine, but I want something a bit more durable. I want to try making one out shrink plastic. I'll let you know how it goes when I try it. Oh.. I LOVE the baseball purse. I'll have to ask Adam if he has any old baseballs I can destroy.
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