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Lip Balm

I'm actually going to be doing a few posts today so I can keep my patterns separate, I've got the pattern for the bow off E's mouse ears (NOT posting the hat pattern, will explain why in that post), the knitted rainbow-y kerchief (fun.. not. I don't KNOW knitting. Trying to write patterns for it takes too much thinking) and this one. About lipbalm.

So I misremembered the label size, the labels are just right for the long slim tubes, but a bit too long for the short standard tubes, but I was able to trim them down to fit, it just cut off a bit of the ingredient list, but these are for family and friends and not for sale.
They are vegan friendly. I used candelilla wax instead of beeswax, what I learned making them-

13 yos love using the pipettes to fill. So I didn't have to do that part, but they aren't always the best judge of when the balm needs to be reheated to keep from cooling in the pipettes too quickly.
Candelilla wax takes longer to melt then beeswax. A lot longer.
Don't trust E's judgment on what enough sweet almond oil is. She just wanted to use the pipettes.

We made 25 tubes total, and it's the right glide for us, and the leftovers I mixed in a bit more sweet almond oil, and some teatree e.o. to use as a cuticle cream, and poured it into an old pill bottle.
E decided she definitely prefers homemade. Mike and I already knew we did.
Making lip balm-
You'll need a wax and oil and some sort of double boiler. I used a pyrex glass measuring cup in a little sauce pan.
I chose candelilla wax, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. The cocoa butter is hard at room temperature, so it counts more as a wax then an oil in the formulation because it makes a harder lip balm, but since does have a fairly low melt point, you do need wax as well. You melt the wax and cocoa butter, and stir in oil. What I did to check and see if I had the glide right was dip a metal spoon into the mixture, pull it out, and it hardened pretty quick, then I just tested it off the spoon on my hand, add in more oil to make it softer, more wax to make it harder.
Everyone has a different ideal. We don't like it as hard as chapstick, but we also don't like it as soft as some of the organic ones we've tried in the last couple years, so I was going for a point somewhere between the two. After it's done heating and melting and mixing, mix in your essential oils or flavors. You could also melt in some chocolate, a bit of lipstick for color, or I've use non-sweetened kool-aid powder before for tint and scent. This was just really basic. I did add in a few drops of peppermint e.o. because Mike likes the tingle.
Use a pipette to put it in your choice of containers, and label them. I covered the labels with packing tape, and they do look awfully nice.
Bramble Berry has everything you need to make lip balm. Plus aliens. Someone send me some aliens please?? *grins*
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