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Batman toys at McDonalds! Yay! They've got Robin, Joker, Mr. Freeze, and vehicles, and of course, the Batman. *happiness*

Yesterday, I went to HT with a full frequent buyer card, planning to buy Mike a GL teeshirt, but all they had was smalls, so I searched through the stacks, and found him a Batman teeshirt. He was happy. He had taken off his work button down shirt before meeting us at the mall, and he pulledoff the tags and put it on immediately. The geekdom! Embrace it, love it. It's the classic logo which was always my favorite.

I had some non-crafty stuff to get done around the house yesterday, and after we were done with that, E and I took a bus up to the mall, got Mike the teeshirt, then headed up to the Perfect Cup for lunch. The Perfect Cup is a locally owned place that made incredibly rich Mocha Breves before everyone in the world knew what espresso was. Their mochas aren't as good as they were back then, before the standard had been created, but they have really amazing sandwiches. I got a chicken salad wrap with salsa, and some of their super garlicky chicken noodle soup, E opted for a plain grilled cheese, also with the soup instead of potato chips, and being a very grown up young lady lately, she had oj instead of an Italian soda.Then we went to the arcade, and played hard until Mike met us.
Then we went to the craft store so I could get some of the new Bernat GITD yarn, which is a bit scratchy feeling but hey! Glowy! I'd redo my alien purse, but I used gitd plastic beads in that (it's tapestry crocheted) so I think I'll make E some skull and crossbone wrist warmers.

I was looking at this really cool project and made up a template for the pencils, and a box template to hold a dozen pencils, so I'm going to be doing that later. I'm planning to post the template to my printable update list for the people who subscribed to it.
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