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Hara, steampunk, aviary, and recycling

To start with, because it's the prettiest to me.. check out this entry from men_in_full about Sumo.
E is totally into steampunk lately. I'm not sure if it's because a lot of her favorite movies and books have that feel, or because of ThreadBanger's series about steampunk fashion, but she is.
You can buy aluminum foil tape in the hardware section of most places that have a hardware section, and we've used before for crafts, and after seeing this tutorial it occurred to me, I've got a lot of pill bottles. I can't make myself throw them away because hey.. plastic! and they might be useful for something.. and my pharmacy uses a computerized filling system and refilling old bottles isn't easy for them since they don't fill by hand unless the machine is broken.

So I got out some cereal box cardboard from my stash of packaging, took the lid off the bottle, and wrapped it around, marked where it met up exactly and cut a piece that wide, then I marked it a bit shorter then the length of the bottle so I could seal the tape around it and still have room for the plastic cap. I used masking tape to tape it into place, and cut a circle for the lid, again, a bit smaller then the lid, and used masking tape to put that in place.
Then I taped it up with the aluminum foil, and burnished it down. Not quite to E's satisfaction, she re-burnished it. Why did I put the cardboard on first? Because it provided a pad which made it possible to pretty deeply emboss it. After I got the bottle all taped up, with E watching interestedly, I handed her the bottle and a broken plastic knitting needle I had (old plastic circs break awfully easy. Fortunately I only had the one pair). We've done metal embossing, so she knew just what to do, and having had no plans for embossing, rather then sketch something out, she covered the bottle with favorite things. Mutant smileys, ThreadBanger, Star Wars, and flowers and hearts were all combined on to it.
We are out of black acrylic paint, but E's got a huge stash of nail polish, so she got some purple nail polish, and we painted on a coat, then scrubbed some of it off with nail polish remover to bring out the design details.

The nail polish seems pretty durable, and you can still take the lid off and on it fairly easily. She's not sure what she's going to stash away in it, but hey.. we used one of my huge supply of pill bottles. (those big bottles are what my ibuprofen comes in, so I've got a lot that size)

I was trying to think of other things I can do with the bottles. Some I've turned into mini-purses in the past, and I'll probably do that with some, and I was also thinking maybe advent ornaments for our Christmas tree, but another idea I think would be fun is to use them as a block for stamps made with silicone caulking, this idea just makes me happy. We can make a bunch of mini stamps that fit the lid, and keep them in the bottle itself, then stick them on the lid to stamp with. I think we will have to separate them in the bottle with parchment paper to keep them from sticking to each other, and then using some sort of repositionable glue on the backs of them to attach them to the lid, but I think it will work. We can stamp paper and glue/tape it around the bottle to decorate it.
And I really have a lot of pill bottles. Do you have any ideas?
Aviary is a lot of fun. I drew this a couple days ago in Peacock. Peacock is a pattern maker with different "hubs" you use to build pictures out of. Way fun. I still have invites if anyone wants one.
Tags: crafts, graphics, ideas, kid art, kids crafts, metal embossing
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