February 9th, 2011

Hot Summer Night

FB is strange 2

So one of my exes sent me a friend request yesterday out of the blue. I have no idea what made him think of me, or why after all this time. I accepted, went on working on what I was making and didn't think of it for about 5 minutes until he started chatting with me.
I never know what to say when people ask "So, how's life been treating you?"
If it's been more than a year, what's the right answer? I know they don't want the actual answer. They want some sort of polite meaningless bs that leads to conversation. Not very good at that. So after a minute or two, I said "Probably better than I deserve." I guess it was the socially right answer. Because he said me too and kept typing at me.

I don't know why it surprises me when people that were in my life a decade or so ago find me and send me friend requests. It's not at all like I'm hard to find. There are only a few Shalas in Anchorage. Since my profile/etc is public, some people at least figure out that I'm the right one.
Sometimes though they aren't sure. Those are the ones that really amuse me. "You're friends with ___ and you live in Alaska, and I was wondering if you're the Shala that I knew in ___" umm.. well, did you ask ___ how many Shalas he knew? If I was the only one on his flist, it's pretty possible I'm the right one. My name isn't unique, but it is different.

What is there to say? Because I'm not the person they knew. They aren't the people I knew. The names and memories are the same, or at least very similar. But time and experience will have it's way, and you change and are changed by the events and choices.

But hey, I had an excuse to use one of my favorite icons! *icon love*