February 3rd, 2011

Read Something

Tattoos, reviews and clues

The clues is just there for the rhyme.
The reason I even mentioned the Crow thing was that she is planning a happy sunny tattoo based off a quote from the movie. I really want a word tattoo at some point, maybe just a word, maybe a quote. I'm not sure. See, whatever it will be, will be there for life. So what do I get etched into my skin? I've cross stitched quotes I liked, made pretty printable versions to hang on the door for a week or so, made little quote magnets and written them on my jackets, shoes and in my notebooks.I even have quotes in Sharpie on my living room wall. But what do I want permanently? I know what one will be. It will be just one word that means a lot to me.
But what quote would I use? What's worth having with me forever? What has influenced me that strongly? Not a movie for sure, and absolutely not The Crow. I leave that to it's fans. Along with so many other movies which mean so much to so many people.
A song? Which song? Which writer? Heck, which century if we are speaking of writers. I thought about setting up a Twitter account just for my highlights on my Kindle.
I don't know, so I haven't gotten a quote tattoo yet.
I recently reviewed the new Earth's Children book. When I posted my review, there was one completely irrelevant review up by someone else who got an ARC of the book. Now their review is gone, and only mine remains. Getting lots of "this was not helpful" votes. It's very depressing. I hate reviewing fiction. It's so subjective. Do you like it or hate it? Why? is what's recommended. I said I liked it, and why.
For the record, I liked it, for the same reason I liked a lot of the rest of the series. Because Auel explains the tools and how they are made and used in a very readable story. Because self-sufficiency is sexy, even on a caveman level. Creating, making, doing.
I posted some new mandalas up at DETP, and instructions for making sugar cubes. Don't Eat the Paste