January 24th, 2011

Halloween 2007

Writer's Block: Circle the date

What's your favorite holiday, and why? Are there any holidays you dislike?

You already know this. Halloween. Hands down my favorite.
Because you can be who you want to be for one night, or just be different. It's make believe. It's a chance to show your creativity and humor.

Or it's an opportunity to dress in a tiny outfit and add a pair of devil horns, kitten ears or a witch hat and call it a costume. Which isn't what I ever do.
I love Halloween. I keep some of my decorations about year round, like the glow in the dark skeleton, or my collection of eyeballs. We start getting ready for Halloween around July. The Turnip starts planning her costume, I start crocheting and making things for Halloween. It's the reason for the season.