January 21st, 2011


Writer's Block: Almost like a song

How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

I actually only need one word. Michael.

But for 6 words to describe my reason for joy?
Strong, good, intelligent, considerate, generous, funny
The other day in a chat, we were discussing priorities and goals. There was a fairly completely breakdown in communication between me and someone else in the chat because I'm not discontent. I have plans and ideas, but other than being at 5-6 on the pain scale for the last week, I'm happy. Just tired from hurting.
A big part of that is Michael. I finally just had to say "You know how honeymooners are so caught up in each other that the rest of the world kind of happens more around them than to them? The easiest way to deal with me is to think of me as one half of a couple on a honeymoon."
Being part of the Mishalchaela creature,there are a lot of things I do, but who I am, my goals and priorities, are all tied up in us. Everything else is less important. Yes, he feels the same way.